Here is all you need to know...

Our meals are designed to be meals for one, delivered to you at home or work to suit your schedule. Simple Food meals are made up of three portions; our suggested meal would include 1 protein, 1 vegetable and 1 base.

Ps. most of our bases equal one portion, but we do have some special options! Portions with dots equal a double portion, these are equivalent to one vegetable and one base.

Our Market is like your local independent store, where your food comes ready to eat! Pick the individual portions from our Market page to make up a meal. But, if you still enjoy your time in the kitchen simply pick one or two portions to complement what you are already cooking at home.

If you would like preselected meal combinations go to our Kit page. Each of our Kits has a specific goal in mind – such as boosting your energy! Our Kit meals are carefully planned and crafted by our nutritionist.

Simple Foods offers you the best quality cooked meals, ready to eat at your convenience. Our motto is flexibility: so good you don't need to be locked in. No subscription required!