At SimpleFoods, being more sustainable is as much a part of the concept as the product itself. We believe healthy eating goes hand in hand with where the food comes from and where it ends up. We have focused a lot of energy on investigating the sustainability loop - from farm to frozen to disposal. Here is how the cycle works:

Most of our ingredients come from local producers (hoping to reach 100%!) and we only use ingredients you can recognise (no weird names or nasties here).

Our protein is sourced within the UK, including 100% grass fed meat and free-range eggs and chicken.

All our food is handmade by chefs. We flash-freeze our portions to lock in nutrients and every recipe is nutritionally balanced.

Our in-house chefs always try to use all parts of our fresh ingredients, helping reduce food waste.

Our packaging is designed on an ethos of ‘less is more’ - meaning we try to use the least possible material while acheiving the safest and most practical results. Our pouches can handle extreme temperatures - from freezing to heating - and help lock-in nutrients for a much longer time. We have less food waste and more health benefits.

We are constantly trying to source more sustainable packaging, without compromising our food's performance and safety. Becoming plastic-free is one of Simple Food's main goals and rest assured, we are on it!

In the meantime, we understand that simply recycling does not mean plastic will end up in the right place. We recycle and repurpose our pouches via Terracycle's Zerowaste box program.

Through the TerraCycle ZeroWaste Boxes programme we can move away from single-use packaging, knowing our pouches will be given a second life and put to a good, durable use (i.e. children's playgrounds!). Make sure to always send us back your drained ice packs and rinsed pouches!

All other elements of our packaging are compostable or curbside recyclable.