Creating a
sustainable loop

Creating a sustainable product and company is important to us. We have focused a lot of energy on investigating the sustainability loop- from farm to frozen.
We are working hard to get our recycling system fully operational, under the current circumstances.

Return your pouches and ice packs to us!

Step 1

Rinse food pouches and drain ice packs.

Step 2

Pop them into your recyclable bag.

Step 3

Put it in the mail box to post it back to us!

100% recyclable

Our pouches are designed on an ethos of ‘less is more’. These can handle extreme temperatures - from freezing to heating - for long shelf life, meaning less food waste and better conservation of the food overall (Pouches are BPA Free and comply with EU Food Grade regulations). Our boxes, liners, and all paper materials are curbside recyclable and compostable!
Giving back

Wether it’s donating food to local charities or fundraising for a cause, we are engaged in supporting our local communities. It´s very close to our values and hearts.