Our Story

Our Story


Simple Foods started when Ale went in search of good quality, healthy, real and delicious and truly flexible convenient food options that suited her busy lifestyle. She always like the concept of the frozen isle but never really found what she was looking for there. Realising there were others, with jam-packed lives, looking for the same thing highlighted a gap in the market for healthy frozen food delivery, out of which Simple Foods was born. Why not create OUR dream local frozen market?

Our mission is to help busy people make more time for what they love - while keeping healthy!

We provide Ready-to-Heat food from proteins to bases to veggies, all packed individually and for one - to give you the ultimate flexibility as to how you want to stock up your freezer and use Simple Foods.


Most of our ingredients come from local producers (hoping to reach 100%!), we only use ingredients you can recognise (no weird names or nasties here) and all our food is handmade by chefs. We flash-freeze our portions to lock in nutrients and every recipe is nutritionally balanced.

At SimpleFoods, being more sustainable is as much a part of the concept as the product itself. We believe healthy eating goes hand in hand with sourcing and disposal. We are trying to tackle food waste via our food offering and cooking processes. We are constantly trying to find trying to source more sustainable packaging, without compromising our food's performance and safety. Becoming plastic-free is one of Simple Food's main goals and rest assured, we are on it!

In the meantime, we understand that simply recycling does not mean plastic will end up in the right place.  We recycle and repurpose our pouches via Terracycle's Zerowaste box program. Make sure to always return your pouches to us so that we can all do our part for the environment (return instructions and free labels come with every box).

Our founder Ale is Brazilian, from a banking background and strongly believes in equality in the workplace. SimpleFoods works to see and support more women rising to leadership positions.