"Good food bonds
us together"

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Why Frozen?


Our Story: Ale & Steph

Simple Foods started when Ale and Steph, two friends leading busy lives, wanted to find healthy, delicious, ready-to-eat options. Realising there were others with jam-packed lives looking for the same thing, Simple Foods was born. Originally from Brazil, both grew up with home cooked food and fresh produce as a central part of their lives.

I plan my travel around food, I feel we get to know a culture by what they eat

Alessandra has a background in finance and has lived in Sao Paulo, Boston, New York City and London. Exploring the world through food is at the heart of Ale’s passions - from Brazilian street food to travelling to go to a certain restaurant. Food is a means for social gathering and celebrations, it is truly engaging and exciting. The idea of Simple Foods came from Ale being conscious of how much food is wasted when your life is busy and you aren’t able to cook as often as you’d like.

Stephanie’s core background is in the food industry, working with iconic British brands. Prior to that, she nurtured a passion for international cuisines whilst living in Sao Paulo, New York and Shanghai. Growing up in a family of doctors, Steph developed a deeply rooted sense of health and nutrition. When the concept Simple Foods was first introduced, it became clear that this would become her life’s work.

During my festive family gatherings, food has always had a huge social and historical meaning.

Both believe that the best approach to being healthy is to eat a balanced diet, which can be achieved with delicious meals. Sustainable practices are hugely important to Ale and Steph and they want Simple Foods to be part of creating a better environment.