Get SimpleFoods™
wherever you are.

100% delicious, 0% hassle!
Step 1.

Shop individual portions of your favourite items from the Market. Pick a box of 9, 15 or 24 portions.

Step 2.

Healthy ready to eat items, packed in individual portions for one, delivered to your door.

Step 3.

Easy to heat up from frozen in a microwave or in a pot of boiling water. Food is ready in minutes!

Step 4.

We're here to make your life easier and save you time to do what you love. Enjoy the freshness!

Microwave heating

Step 1

Set the microwave
to 850 Watts.

Step 2

Tear pouch and place on a microwaveable bowl.

Step 3

Heat as per time indicated on label.Enjoy SimpleFoods™!

Heat on the hob

Step 1

Do not tear pouch.
Place it in a pan with boiling water.

Step 2

Flip the pouch a few times to cook evenly.

Make sure the pouch is submerged.

Step 3

Heat as per time indicated on label.

Enjoy SimpleFoods™!