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Great treats are worth indulging in. All our desserts are vegan, gluten free and with sugars that are naturally occuring, so you can enjoy them guilt-free.

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The joy of Simple Foods is that you can decide what a meal looks like. You can simply choose a protein and a vegetable, and make your base from what you have in your store cupboard, or choose two vegetable portions with a delicious base.



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How to Heat

Microwave: Tear top of pouch along the dotted line to open and place it on a plate.

Heat as per time indicated on the label at 850Watts. If you are heating up more than one pouch, add an extra 2 ½ minutes to the highest cooking time. Microwave cooking time: min

Cooktop: Do not tear pouch and place it in a pan with boiling water. The boiling amount should be enough to cover the food.

Cooking time as per indicated on the label. If you are heating up more than one pouch, follow the cooking time of each portion. Cooktop cooking time: min

Nutrition, Ingredients and Allergens