Busy mum diaries: How Simple Foods can be a saviour

Busy mum diaries: How Simple Foods can be a saviour

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From the very start, SimpleFoods has been about creating delicious, calorie-counted & healthy foods in the most simple and convenient way. And as a female-led business, we especially wanted this to be beneficial to young mothers, the so often overlooked modern day superheroes of our day, who juggle work, kids and husbands to boot, and who often totally forget about themselves in the process. So when we discovered that Holly Scarsella, an incredible mother and business woman (Forbes 30 under 30 might we add!) loved Simple Foods, making her a part of our world and journey was a no brainer. 

Below, Holly gives us her testimonial about SimpleFoods and we've also added some of Holly's favourite picks for you, which are labelled on the website. So if you're also a young mother (or soon to be one), or simply juggling a busy lifestyle, then these picks might just be for you! 






Holly's testimonial:


   I've been lucky enough to have tried lots of different food brands but now on month three of using Simple Foods, I can confirm that this is like no other. 

It's convenient without any compromise and also so incredibly tasty at the same time. As a mother of three children under 4 years old, and as a wife to a hungry husband, I'm often spending mealtimes preparing two or three meals, so when it comes to my own food, I often don't have the energy to prepare yet another one that satisfies my needs for it to be convenient but healthy at the same time.

Simple Foods changes all of this. While you order in a box of 9, 12 or 24 items, the fact that it's freezable means there is no pressure or need to cook every single day; I simply use a portion or two depending on my needs that day and how hungry I am. 




After being so kindly gifted my first box, I went online and bought another one the very next week, and have been using it ever since. 

That is why I'm so excited to become an ambassador for the brand, and to share my favourite meals with you and how I fit them into my busy daily life.




Holly loves:

Our Chocolate & Hazelnut Porridge for breakfast :




Our Chimichurri Wild Rice & Broccoli paired with our Green Baked Falafel for dinner :






Our Wholegrain Israeli Couscous with Pesto paired with our Salmon & Quinoa Burger









 by Harry Woodward 


Harry Woodward is our Social Media Manager. He loves coffee in the mornings and margharitas at night, and can usually be found building a salad when when he's not strategising up-and-coming content. 


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