Picking the perfect combos for your meal box delivery

Picking the perfect combos for your meal box delivery

Meal box delivery made easy! At Simple Foods, we've created the simplest way to eat healthy. Our chef-cooked, nutritionist-crafted meals can be mixed and matched, with endless possibilities of combinations. All you need to do is pick 1 protein, 1 base and 1 veggie and you've got yourself a balanced meal!

We want to make even picking your meals as easy as possible. Here is some combination inspiration for you…

Free Range Harissa Chicken with Chickpeas, Pearl Barley with Carrots and Almond Shavings, Charred Tahini Broccoli

Healthy meal box delivery combination

As we said, all you need to do is choose 3 portions to create the perfect meal box delivery. This combination of our Free Range Harissa Chicken, Pearl Barley with Carrots and Almond Shavings and Tahini Broccoli is great for building lean muscle mass, for more combinations like this, check out our Strength Kit. The broccoli in this recipe provides good levels of vitamin C and B vitamins as well as powerful antioxidants, whilst the Harissa Chicken provides plenty of lean protein. 

Korean BBQ Salmon and Savoy Cabbage, Wholegrain Rice with Coconut and Lime, Toasted Brussels Sprouts with Spiced Hazelnuts

asian inspired meal box delivery

Make use of some of our newest creations! Our Korean BBQ salmon dish is rich in omega 3 and the Korean inspired sauce pairs so well with the coconut rice. Then, why not add some brussels sprouts, tossed in a medley of different spices to introduce one of your 5 a day and some extra flavours.

Teriyaki Soba Noodles with Edamame, Organic Tofu Teriyaki

Vegan meal box delivery

We also have a selection of vegan friendly prepared meals. Our noodle and pasta dishes are double portions, so you only need to pick one other dish to go with it. Our delicious Organic Tofu Teriyaki is like getting a takeout without the guilt. Pair it with our Teriyaki Soba Noodles with Edamame, which are low in fat, and there you have it, a healthier alternative to the usual noodle dish.


For people on the go, Simple Foods delivers healthy, chef cooked and ready-made meals like this straight to your front door or work space. Sustainable practices are hugely important to us and we want Simple Foods to be part of creating a better environment. Our UK based food boxes mindfully source produce from British farmers and we recycle or repurpose all of our packaging.

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